It is with a joyful, heavy heart that I say goodbye to my students and colleagues here at Skyline Middle School. I have had the privilege of working with the finest people on this planet, caring educators and kiddos that amaze and delight me daily.

I wish for each of you a sweet and radiant life, filled with friendship, love and success. 

Please come and visit me at Larkin Arts and enjoy an exhibit, a class, or seeing a studio artist at work. 

Larkin Arts
61 Court Square

Harrisonburg, VA 22801


Love to you all,

Ms. Smith 


Welcome to the Skyline Visual Arts page!

At Skyline Middle School, our students are creative, motivated and hard working. Evidence of their successes are seen throughout our school and on their faces as they come in and out of the Art Room.

Our program is steeped in both the Discipline Based Art Education (DBAE) and Visual Culture philosophies. So, as we make art, we are learning about art history and artist's lives in their social context, criticism, and aesthetics. We also relate many of our lessons to the students' personal experiences and history, the very visual world around them, and global issues that serve to connect us to one another.

Our richly diverse student population is full of ideas, thoughts and feelings that find expression in the Art Room. We are proud of the work our students create and the thoughtfulness behind their pieces.

Look below for up to date information about what is going on in class right now. And please take a moment to look at some of the artwork our students are creating this year. Current year's work is under the menu item 'STUDENT ART'. All other art on this site was made by Skyline students, past and present.

-Valerie L. Smith, SKMS Art Specialist



POW, or Pick of the Week, is a daily writing exercise designed for students to take an in depth look at famous artworks. Each week a new image is chosen and each day students spend 5 minutes writing about it. 

Monday-Friday, each day builds on the last: Describe, Analyze, Interpret, Judge and Compare/Contrast with the next week's art.

Here are a few students looking at a famous painting by Henri Rousseau and writing about their opinion of the work's success or failure.

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