Welcome Kindergarten to Ms. Munns' Kindergarten Classroom 2016-2017!

I am pleased to introduce you to Blue Bird, the word bird.  He is very funny in the way he help us learn to sound out words.  I'd also like you to meet the "Singing Dog".  He sings some funny songs to you as you pick a sticker from his belly.  I'm sure you will love getting to know both of these friends during your year in Ms. Munns' classroom.

A BRIGHT SPOT STUDENT will be selected each week and given the privilage to go to the office as a reward for demonstrating good character choices.

Contact me at:  vmunns@harrisonburg.k12.va.us

Welcome Kindergarteners to Ms. Munns' Kindergarten Classroom 2016-17!

Math News

Recognizing and writing numbers 0-20

Write numbers 0-20

count to 100

Reading News

Read to your child every night and ask them questions about the story.

Writing News

Write your first and last name

Write a complete sentence

Social Studies News

George Washington

Abe Lincoln

Science News  

Season of Winter


The bottom line? We need to do more than just teach kids information. We need to invest in teaching them how to relate to others and how to handle the things they're feeling inside.

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