Welcome to 5th grade Science

April brings the Midwest region in Geography and Oceans in Science.  

We will focus on the states and capitals in the Midwest as well as its many features.  Do you have family in the Midwest?  Has your family ever lived there?  Share your stories during class.  

Did you know we know more about the makeup of the Moon than our own oceans?  We will discuss the ocean floor, waves, currents, tides, and ocean food chains.  

Upcoming Events:
Apr. 4 - PTO Restaurant Night at Which Wich from 4:00-8:00 & need flyer
April 4 -  5th grade Field Trip to Skyline MS to see the American Boys Choir
Apr. 4 - School Board Meeting
April 5 -  Geology Test
Apr. 5 - 8th Grade Concert Ringers to Massanutten Presbyterian Church
Apr. 5 - Destination Imagination fundraiser at Chili's 
Apr. 7 - First Friday Bike/Walk to School
Apr. 10-14 - Spring Break
Apr. 19 - Destination Imagination fundraiser at Papa John's
Apr. 26 - Orientation for Rising 6th - 8th Graders @ 6:30
Apr. 26 - Destination Imagination fundraiser at CiCi's





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