Family and Consumer Science is a course where students will be covering character development, nutrition, consumer choices, professional growth, and teen choices. The objective for FACS is for students to be prepared for the future by learning Life Skills. I am encouraging you to interact with your students and find out what they have learned in my class everyday. You might be surprised by their new knowledge in financial responsibility and their role in the family. I want each of my students to walk away with knowledge they can use for the rest of their lives.

In addition to FACS, I am also the advisor for Family, Careers, and Community, Leaders of America (FCCLA). FCCLA is a national student organization that helps  young men and women become strong leaders in their families, careers, and communities! Any student who is taking my class can join FCCLA. It is also the largest youth organization with the family as its central focus! I would love for each or my students to join FCCLA and become a great student leader for Skyline Middle School.

Please contact me anytime for additional infomation on either my cources or FCCLA at anytime!

In My Classroom...

We are working on preparing nutrious meals, creating balanced diets, and keeping a healthy body.

Ask your students on the careers they have choosen for themselves. You will be impressed and amazed!


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