Interactive Notebooks

Interactive notebooks are a great tool for teachers to use in the classroom. Students need to know the essential knowledge and vocabulary. These notebooks are a wonderful way for students to interact with the material and create their own meaningful connections.

There are many styles of interactive notebooks that teachers use. Here are some websites that I have found useful:

Interactive Notebooks Wiki

The basic idea behind the interactive notebooks is that teachers have key information that gets added to the notebook and then students synthesise this with their own ideas or thinking. This is typically done in a notebook where one page of the notebook has teacher information on the other side has student information.

However there are many ways to set up these notebooks. Teachers can add their own spin on it. I had my students use SMART Notebook to create digital interactive notebooks. This video will show you how to create one with your own students. 

Using SMART Notebook to Create Interactive Notebooks Video


As with all material found on the Internet, teachers and parents should be very careful in allowing students to explore these sites unless direct supervision is provided. Harrisonburg City Public Schools is not responsible for the content of various links beyond the initial levels of each site.



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