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April 2014

Smore for April - Lexipedia, Open culture, Google Forms & more

March 2014

Smore for March - Power Teacher, Twitter & more!

February 2014

Smore for February  - Lots of updates

January 2014

Smore for January 10th - apps, Stem Day and more!

Smore for November 28th - Lots of information about video in this Smore.

Smore for October 28th - Check out what is going on at KES!

October 2013

Wonder what is going on with instructional technology at KES?  Here's the answer....Check out the ITRT Newsletter 

Report card time is here!  The follow video will help refresh your memory creating your report cards.


August 2013

Power Teacher here we come!

Here is a link to some helpful tips for PowerTeacher!


See you at the training on 8/14 for 3rd and 4th grade teachers!


If you need a how-to video, a special lesson, or think of other ways I can help, don't hesitate to ask!


Try using the Smart clickers with a lesson to give you a quick way to assess what your students are grasping!


Check out Haiku Deck!
It is a great way to make simple, powerful presentations for mobile devices!


Staff Development - Short Takes

10/31 4:00-4:30 p.m. & 11/1 7:50 a.m. - 8:20

Topic:  Open for individual help 

Come to Room 29 if you need help with Google Docs/Gmail/Report cards or Anything technology related!  :)


Staff Development - Short Takes


Your Friendly Coaches and Your  Mission Correlate Team


We will be doing short  staff developments on Wednesday afternoons and repeat them for the morning people on Thursday morning:)

We promise to be on time :)

We promise you will have a take away :)

We promise to try and make it fun :)


Wednesday at 4:00-4:30

Thursday at 7:50-8:20

PowerTeacher Grade Book 

September 2012

Last week, Ms. Dofflemyer wanted to venture into Claymation again.  You may remember she won a $150 prize last year from the HCPS Technology Prize Patrol for her Claymation videos that her 4th graders created for a Virginia School Board Association contest.  This year, her 2nd graders were learning about life cycles.  We will be posting the results (the videos) soon on her webpage.

Technology can be fun, creating and motivating at any grade level!

Here, one of Ms. Dofflemyer’s students are using an iPad on the tripod and an app called StopAnimator to create their groups video.  All the “actors” are on the table from the eggs, to tadpoles, frogs and the pond.

Check out the Coaches Corner:


August 2012

WOW!  We have a lot of new instructional tools at our disposal this year!  Tomorrow we will be starting with PowerSchool training.  This will include our attendance and gradebook.  

This fall we will be leaving webmail and changing over to Gmail.  

We have BrainPop, BrainPop, Jr. and BrainPop Espanol. 

I am looking forward to working with everyone to integrate technology into lessons and projects to enrich our students' learning!  

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