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Welcome to Mr. Lechota's English/writing homepage. Here you will find many places to go and things to see. As always, any and all comments and musing are welcome.


Mr. Lechota's Reading and Writing Page

Good day to everyone! Again, welcome to Mr. Lechota's webpage, a place where I hope parents and students alike can come to share their love of reading and writing. For as long as I can remember I have been a huge fan of reading in general, and sharing my love with the younger generation.  For anyone who loves to read anything and everything I hope you will share with me those things that you love to read, and any suggestions are most appreciated as I am always looking to update my library. 

The writing SOL will be here before you know it! Here at THMS we pride ourselves in preparing our students for becoming great readers and writers!

Just a few things for students and parents

As a teacher at Thomas Harrison Middle school it is my privilege to have the opportunity to teach those young minds in a way that will enable them to become successful later in life. It is my belief that a strong grasp of reading and writing is essential to just about every occupation, and if you can show me a profession that does not use some type of reading in it, I would love to be able to show you how reading could be used to enhance it. From newpapers to the internet, reading is a much needed skill that unfortunately many young people today need a little help with. So if you have a young one at home, give them a helping hand and read something to them, be it the Sunday comics, or just pictures in a magazine. When you spend time reading to a child, no time is wasted.

Reading and Writing websites

Here are some great websites to go to in order to help your student (or yourself) become a better reader




http://www.internet4classrooms.com/parents.htm (this is a great one for parents)



This website is to find books based on your students lexile level


Harrisonburg City Schools: http://www.harrisonburg.k12.va.us/Home

Thomas Harrison School Website: http://web.harrisonburg.k12.va.us/thms/

Department of Education SOL:


 Department of Education SOL Released Tests:


As with all material found on the Internet, teachers and parents should be very careful in allowing students to explore these sites unless direct supervision is provided. Harrisonburg City Public Schools is not responsible for the content of various links beyond the initial levels of each site.

What were doing in class

English 8- Nonfiction texts, fictional stories, grammar, expository writing

Advanced English- Nonfiction texts, expository writing, grammar, fictional stories

Updated 1-8-18