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Mrs. Wenger's Skyline Math Homepage

We are more than half way finished with our first nine weeks for 2015-2016.  Progress reports went home over a week ago. 

In Math 5 ~ We have covered Place Value with decimals, Adding & Subtracting whole numbers & decimals, Prime/Composite, Even/Odd, and Square Numbers.  We are studying about Algebra this week.

In Advanced Math ~ We have worked on Order of Operations, Algebra, Place Value with decimals, Prime/Composite, Even/Odd, and Square Numbers.  At thsi point we are working on Equivalent Fractions and Simplest Form. 

This coming year will be our fifth year using "Math In Focus" from grades 1 - 5.  The newer math processes are geared to help your child with math understanding.  The "Bar Models" are to assist your child in picturing practical problems (word problems).  The "Concrete ~ Pictorial ~ Abstract" lesson direction are to help students grasp and retain math concepts. 

I hope that you will visit my webpage anytime that you need to know homework assignments and SOLs being covered.

You may also contact me through this website.

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A Little About Me

I was born in California and raised in Oregon. I came to Virginia to attend Eastern Mennonite University. I originally graduated with a degree in Music Education. After college, I owned a clothing store in the Valley Mall from 1986 - 1996. After selling my business, I chose to return to school and received my licensure for elementary education. I taught 1st grade at Pleasant Valley Elementary before joining the staff at Spotswood Elementary eleven years ago.

I taught 5th grade math, social studies, and language arts for 4 years. Eight years ago I moved with the 5th grade to Skyline Middle School and have been teaching only math. It has been very exciting to be able to concentrate on one subject, and to be able to help students master math concepts.

I am also very involved in music. I lead the music at my church and enjoy both singing and playing the piano. I have also been learning to play the violin and have been taking lessons for about 4 years.  My husband, Dale, and 23 year old son, Matthew are also very musical. Dale plays the guitar, banjo, mandolin, and bass in the bluegrass style. Matthew plays both acoustic and electric guitars in a rock style.  He is living in Austin, Texas with his sister and her family.   Our 26 year old daughter, Melissa, is married and she and her husband and almost 3 year old son, Kaden, live in Austin, Texas.  

Being from Oregon, my parents, brother, and sisters are still there, so I go there most summers to visit. I traveled quite a bit this summer.  I went to Texas for 1 1/2 weeks twice, Oregon/Washington for 1 1/2 weeks, and Florida for 4 days.