How Can I Help You?

I am here to support you as you integrate technology in your classroom.  I can provide support through collaboration, coaching, or modeling.  I can also help with the development of technology projects that address the diverse learning needs of your students.  I can help locate or develop technology resources.  I can provide training on new technologies that become available.  Here are just some of the things I can assist you with the following:

Kidspiration                     Microsoft Powerpoint                    Webpage Design

Discovery Education        Microsoft Word                              Webmail

Digital Cameras               Microsoft Excel                              Flip Cameras

Moviemaker                     Portaportal                                   PRS Units

SMARTBoard                    Smart Response                           Mimio

Internet Resources         Internet Safety                             Scanners      

Document Cameras         TSIPS                                            NETS*T

iPods/iPads                      Podcasts                                      Vodcasts

Interactive Achievement  Technology Benchmarks               Power School


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