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Science and Social Studies

We alternate Social Studies and Science depending on the topic we are studying. We study a variety of topics such as long ago and today, famous Americans, patriotic holidays, needs and wants, community helpers, citizenship, animal and plant life cycles, the five senses, magnets, seasons, and water. We spend the whole year practicing taking turns, being kind, and being a good friend. 

Students learn Science and Social Studies in English for the first half of the year and then switch to learning in Spanish the second half of the year. 

Field Trips

We go on several field trips throughout the year. Each year we may go on different trips. Here are some of the trips we have gone on in the past: the Pumpkin Patch, Red Front, Brethren Woods, the Harrisonburg Fire Station (number 4), and the Harrisonburg Recycling Center. Parents are always welcome to come with us, as long as I or Sra. Pandofli are notified in advance and parents pay their way.