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We typically work on math for an hour each day. The first half hour is for whole group and this includes our calendar time. As the year progresses, we add more things like tallying and money to our calendar time. The next half hour is math choice time. Students work with the teacher, an assistant, and volunteers as well as make different math choices in the room that are based on the math concept that we are learning.

We use a variety of manipulatives to learn different math skills such as counting, number recognition, graphing, shapes, skip counting, adding, and subtracting. Children love when we incorporate computer games with math skills. We have one big math celebration a year to celebrate the 100th day of school. Children count by fives and tens to 100 to make a special snack, count special items from home, and play different games.

Students will be learning math in Spanish for the first half of the year and then learn math in English for the second half of the year. Don't be surprised if your child can count better in Spanish than English by January. This will change as the year goes on.

Math Homework

In your child's homework folder they will have math sheets as well. Your child will have a number page in English and in Spanish. We will practice these at school the beginning of the year before sending these home. Your child will read the numbers on the page in the correct language and you will check off the box on the homework sheet. Each week we will ask your child to read the numbers to us and if they can do it quickly and correctly they will move on to new numbers. As they finish all 100 numbers in both languages they will move on to addition and subtraction.