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We have finished the first semester and started the second semester so students have changed home rooms. I am now teaching Math in English instead of Science and Social Studies and writing. Sra. Ramos will now be leading class meetings and talking to children about various character traits and emotional skills. I will keep the links below in case your child would like to revisit them.

Our current math unit is long and we are working on numbers to 100. We will learn how to count to 100 by ones, fives, and tens. We will also learn how to make tallies. We will count backwards from 10. We will also review one more and one less. For example, if I asked "What is 1 more than 10?" or "What is 1 less than 15?" your child could use objects to help find the answer or just be able to say the answer. 


Me Want It, But Me Wait

A Song About Emotions 

Three Primary Colors 

Belly Breathe 

What We Are a song with positive affirmations


The Good Birds Club Big Bird learns about bullying and how it's better to just be yourself.

Self-Control Cookie Monster learns different ways to control himself in this Star Wars spoof.

Whole Body Listening Cookie Monster learns how to use his whole body to listen in this spoof on The Karate Kid.

Empathy definition

Empathy video clip showing empathy


Name that Emotion research shows that children need to be able to say what emotion they're feeling to be able to handle it


Scared this video showed us ways to help when we get scared

Growth Mindset this is a series of videos we watched to learn how our brains grow and it's ok to make mistakes

Sarah Nicklas

Kindergarten Teacher

Waterman Elementary School

451 Chicago Avenue Harrisonburg, VA 22802


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