What is Advanced Learning?

As an advanced learning specialist, I push into classrooms, work with students in small groups within the classroom or in my own classroom in math and language arts.   I work on going deeper into the curriculum as well as work to help students think critically and creatively.

District wide screening in HCPS has moved from first grade to second grade with a nonverbal ability assessment in December. Parents of students who scored high will be notified to fill out paper work and give permission for  further testing.  A committee looks at students and uses a checklist of criteria to determine eligibility.

Students in grades k-4 can be referred for testing by parents, teachers, other students or even themselves.  The referrals are typically due in December.  Testing begins in January of the second semester and after consideration, the committee meets in the spring to determine eligibility.  Parents will be notified in the late spring.  Parents may choose to appeal decisions made by the committee for further review. 


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