2016-2017 Division Goals

HCPS Equity Goal
We believe that all students can and should learn to high levels. Access to
programming, along with equitable practices, is essential to providing the highest quality education for all HCPS students. To meet this vision, the 2016-17 goals are:
     • Barriers to student, staff and community success will be systematically identified
and removed.
     • Participation and performance in Algebra I in 8th grade, Advanced Placement
coursework, and PSAT/SAT/ACT testing will reflect the diversity of our school
     • Gifted Education identification and delivery will be redesigned so participation
reflects the diversity of our school system.
     • Families will be engaged to support and advocate for student achievement.

HCPS Literacy Goal
We believe literacy is a continual process of constructing meaning through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Literacy skills develop best through meaningful tasks that engage students to learn for deep understanding while simultaneously fostering confidence in reading and communicating.
To meet this vision, the 2016-17 goals are:
     • All students will engage daily in literacy learning across all areas of the
curriculum to deepen understanding and develop literacy skills.
     • All staff will receive support to integrate comprehension and vocabulary
strategies within existing curriculum.
     • All schools will develop active partnerships with families to support literacy
development in English while recognizing the importance of their home language.
     • All teachers will pursue a SMART goal related to literacy that supports the school
in meeting state and federal accountability measures.

HCPS Social Emotional Goal
We believe a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment for every member of the HCPS community is critical to student learning. To meet this vision, the 2016-17 goals are:
     • The development of pro-social skills through social-emotional learning will be a part of every student’s school experience.
     • Social-emotional learning will be integrated into curriculum and instruction daily.
     • Families will be engaged through community outreach programs and
opportunities to work with staff to support students’ social emotional learning.
     • The school division will provide staff training in Restorative Justice, Cultural
Competency, Bullying Prevention and Classroom Management.

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