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This year we will be focusing on growing as readers. I hope to expose your child to a wider variety of reading and print materials including: fiction, nonfiction, newspapers, and magazines. Many 5th graders are excited about a certain series or author, I will use this information to encourage growth in reading as we explore new authors, talk about old favorites, and learn from each other.

We will also be exploring a wide variety of writing forms, from a five paragraph essay, to lists, to letters, to poetry, to free writes, and beyond. My hope is that your child will discover that writing is a way to express his or her thoughts, dreams, plans, and needs.

Please continue to check on "Projects" (and long term assignments) for guidelines and due dates; please complete at home if unable to finish during class time.

Upcoming Events!

June 2-3 - Math SOL
June 4: 5th grade zoo field trip! 8am-5pm.
June 6 - School Awards Assembly
June 6 - Early Release - Enjoy your Summer!
June 12-15 - Theatre Group Trip to NYC
June 23-July 24 - Summer School
July 14-18 - Summer Enrichment
Aug. 19 - First Day of School


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