Harrisonburg High School--Richard Morrell - HOME OF THE BLUE STREAKS!


More info:

James Madison University - BS Communication Arts/English 1983

Taught at Fort Defiance High School 1983-1985

Harrisonburg High School 1989-1998; 2002-Present

Clinical Faculty (JMU) for MidValley Consortium for Teacher Education 2002-2006; 2012 - 2016

U.S. Army National Guard 1985-1993 (UH-1 Pilot)

Financial Services Provider 1998-2002

Favorite Author: Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Richard Morrell—English Department

Junior English
Senior English
Swim/Dive Varsity Head Coach (Men/Women)
Soccer Junior Varsity Head Coach (Men)
Former and Founding Member Fine Arts Academy Faculty (Creative Writing strand)
Former Faculty Adviser imprint (Literary Arts Magazine) 

Contact Info:

HHS phone number: 540-433-2651
HHS email: rmorrell@harrisonburg.k12.va.us


1st Semester

Block 1 - English 11 
Block 2 - English 11
Block 3 - Planning
Block 4 - English 12
After School - Harrisonburg Men's and Women's Swim & Dive Team (Nov - Feb) 

2nd Semester

Block 1 - English 11 
Block 2 - English 12
Block 3 - Planning
Block 4 - English 12
After School - Harrisonburg Men's JV Soccer Team (Mar - May)


AM/PM - Braodway Sharks Swim Team (Jun - Jul) 



Swimming & Diving is a lifelong activity.  I want to foster a love for the sport, and help my swimmers and divers meet their personal goals, not only in the pool, but also in life.  Being part of a team, striving to do your best, working through hardships, are all a part of what you do as a member of our swim team. Winning is a by-product of all that you do, but it is measured not simply by the records you set, or the championships you earn, or the victories you claim in the pool; rather it is measured by the person you become, the relationships you build, and the positive attitude you develop in life.  In this regard, all my swimmers and divers are winners.


I have coached soccer at all school-age levels, and my primary focus has been to help children learn to love the game.  In doing so, I emphasize the development of personal skills with the ball, as well as the understanding of teamwork, and the discipline of playing a specific role on the field.  Learning how to support teammates, communicate with each other, and respect the game and the opponent are all part of my teaching.  Sportsmanship becomes paramount to our success, because we want our fans to love to watch us play as eleven members in concert with each other: a harmony of movement, ball possession, grace and strength.  Our team reflects the diversity of our school, and embraces the belief of "out of many, one".  It is a framework that helps our students learn the power of community and commitment to each other: a lesson that will carry them successfully through life.


Harrisonburg High School earned the Wells Fargo Cup for five consecutive years from 2011 to 2015.  In 2016 it placed second by six points, and in 2017 it reclaimed the Cup.  It is in recognition of success in VHSL competitive activities that include Theatre, Forensics, Debate, Scholastic Bowl, FilmFest and five journalistic activities that include Yearbook, Newspaper, Online News, News Magazine, Creative Writing, Literary Magazine, and Broadcasting.  I am proud to be an adviser for two of these competitive programs, and that my students have played a role in earning points toward the cup.  The Creative Writing booklet has placed 3rd, 5th, and 7th (three times) in the State accumulating a total of 101.6 points during the seven years.  The literary magazine, imprint, has earned four trophy class, two 1st class and a 2nd class finish accruing 185 points during the same period.  My time as adviser ended at the close of the 2017 school year.