What are we up to?

The new school year is here and there is so much to do and learn.  The first grading period will begin with a social studies unit on community and how to be a good citizen.  In math we'll be working on addition strategies and extending our knowledge of place value.  

Keister has a new principal, Julie Zook, that we are enjoying the opportunity to get to know.  We have a new pick up system for walkers, bikers, car riders and bus riders in the afternoons.  In second grade, we are lucky enough to have a new teachers, Ms. Pence and Mrs. Ochoa.  Lots of changes but all for the good of Keister Elementary!

Last updated: September 2016

Want to contact me?

You can feel free to write me an e-mail at: rhissong@harrisonburg.k12.va.us or feel free to call me at school at 540-434-6585.

Frequently asked questions...

This school year we will have THREE lunch choices each day in the cafeteria.  The children will not have a daily salad as an entree choice but frequently a salad or veggie burger will be the choice (for meat free needs).  IN fact there will always be a vegetarian option!


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