Welcome to the Skyline Middle School STEM Explorations Academy! We are very excited about this new and exciting program and hope that you are too.

The STEM Explorations Academy program is an integrative science and engineering course that spans two periods, one core period and one elective period. Students in 7th grade will meet the requirements for Life Science (Standards of Learning) and Introduction to Technology (tech competencies) and students in 8th grade will meet the requirements for Physical Science (Standards of Learning) and Technology Foundations (tech competencies), but will do so very differently than if they were taking separate courses. Most units will be based on an open-ended engineering design challenge where students will work in teams to design and build a solution to the problem. Other units will look more like those in a traditional science or engineering class. 

  • 7th Grade STEM with Ms. Lambert: AM Section, Periods 2 & 3 ; PM Section, Periods 7 & 8
  • 7th Grade STEM with Ms. Sabarre: Periods 6 & 7
  • 8th Grade STEM with Ms. Watson: AM Section, Periods 1 & 2; PM Section, Periods, 6 & 7

Are you interested in applying for the STEM Explorations Academy?

Current 6th grade students can apply in January to be in the STEM Explorations Academy for their 7th and 8th grade years. For more information about the STEM Explorations Academy and the application process, click here.

Are you interested in applying for the Harrisonburg High School Governor's STEM Academy?

If you are an 8th grader and are interested in the HHS Governor's STEM Academy, use these links to learn about and apply for the program

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Third Quarter Newsletter

By Oziel V.

The STEM 8th Grade Academy is a program that combines the learning of science, technology, engineering, and math. The program offers students chances of leadership and cooperation with others. In STEM 8, we have design challenges that focus on real life problems or daily things that we use and how they work. For our design challenges, we use concepts that we learned in the classroom to achieve what we desire for that challenge. All the design challenges we do are open ended, which means that everyone can do it differently and still be successful. That is one of the beauties of the STEM program.

This quarter of the year revolved around teamwork and synergy. We had a lot more group projects and partner projects that usual. A big event that we did was STEM-A-THON. Everyone was divided into groups and worked together to inspire 6th graders to join the STEM Academy by using science and engineering projects. In addition to STEM-A-THON, we did Stem Day at the Valley Mall! It was the exact same thing as STEM-A-THON, but on a much larger scale. It focused on providing families and friends the joy and excitement that science and engineering bring. The STEM Academy is an exciting opportunity for many students. I highly recommend to apply for the STEM Academy to have more enjoyment from learning in the classroom!

A Success at STEM Day

By David B.

Would you like to swim in a virtual ocean with sharks? Do you want to check out drones or floating ping pong balls? I hope you made it to STEM Day at Valley Mall, an opportunity created by the STEM Academy for students to explore avenues in science, technology, engineering, and math. On Saturday, February 18th, STEM groups from Skyline Middle School, Thomas Harrison Middle School, Harrisonburg High School, Blue Ridge Community College, Eastern Mennonite University, and James Madison University participated in STEM Day at Valley Mall.  Many exhibits were showcased, from designed robots, to virtual reality, to hovercrafts. STEM teachers – including Ms. Patty Watson, Ms. Amy Sabarre, and Ms. Ashley Lambert – helped put together this amazing STEM event.

Around nine hundred visitors came to Valley Mall to experience around fifty STEM stations.

Carlo Mehegan is the President of Skyline Middle School’s STEM morning class. He has been helping run the SKMS STEM class for the past nine weeks.

“It’s great to see everyone from SKMS, THMS, HHS, and everywhere else come together to celebrate STEM.” he said, “There were so many different types of attractions set up, mini golf, robots, bottle flipping, and everything in between. It was great to be able to educate and have fun.”

Skyline Middle School STEM student Conor Wells found the event to be intellectually valuable.“STEM Day was a great learning experience,” he said, “not only for me, but for all the visitors.”

Ms. Amy Sabarre created STEM Day, she said “STEM day brings our community together for learning and having fun together. It also informs our community about STEM. It also provides a venue to showcase our students and their amazingness! Give students a real audience and the opportunity to plan an exhibit and choose what they want to showcase.” These are the many reasons she began STEM Day. “The idea came after visiting the Science and Engineering day in DC, which happens every other year. I wanted something engaging for our community that allowed for our student to showcase how great they are and the kind of things we do in the STEM Academies. Each year it just grows and changes.”

The tradition of STEM Day began in 2012, when the STEM program was established in Harrisonburg City Public Schools. Since then, it has happened nearly every year, gaining popularity in the Harrisonburg community with each event. Recently, local businesses and nonprofit organizations, including Dupont Community Credit Union, On the Road Collaborative, and Valley Astronomers, supported the event with their own booths.

Companies like SpaceX and Genentech show that the need for STEM students is continuing to expand. Let’s hope that STEM day and the number of students interested in STEM also continues to grow.

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