Welcome to the Skyline Middle School STEM Explorations Academy! We are very excited about this new and exciting program and hope that you are too.

The STEM Explorations Academy program is an integrative science and engineering course that spans two periods, one core period and one elective period. Students in 7th grade will meet the requirements for Life Science (Standards of Learning) and Introduction to Technology (tech competencies) and students in 8th grade will meet the requirements for Physical Science (Standards of Learning) and Technology Foundations (tech competencies), but will do so very differently than if they were taking separate courses. Most units will be based on an open-ended engineering design challenge where students will work in teams to design and build a solution to the problem. Other units will look more like those in a traditional science or engineering class. 

  • 7th Grade STEM with Ms. Lambert: AM Section, Periods 2 & 3 ; PM Section, Periods 7 & 8
  • 7th Grade STEM with Ms. Sabarre: Periods 6 & 7
  • 8th Grade STEM with Ms. Watson: AM Section, Periods 1 & 2; PM Section, Periods, 6 & 7

Are you interested in applying for the STEM Explorations Academy?

Current 6th grade students can apply in January to be in the STEM Explorations Academy for their 7th and 8th grade years. For more information about the STEM Explorations Academy and the application process, click here.

Are you interested in applying for the Harrisonburg High School Governor's STEM Academy?

If you are an 8th grader and are interested in the HHS Governor's STEM Academy, use these links to learn about and apply for the program

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Third Quarter Newsletter

By Ryan Y.

In early January, Mr. Logan, our substitute for about 2 weeks while Ms. Watson got surgery, assigned us the lightning proof room design challenge. We had to design a room (aka cardboard box) that wouldn’t light up the Gieseler when electricity struck it (tesla coil). When Ms. Watson returned, we had to do the snap circuit kits activity. This taught us about series and parallel circuits and how they work.

In the beginning of February, we learned all about magnetism and electromagnetism. This includes the magnetism notes, magnetic induction explore learning, and the electromagnet design challenge. During the electromagnet design challenge, we had to design the strongest electromagnet we could think of by experimenting with different cores, batteries, loops of wire, and wire thickness. In late February, we did the standby power PSA. We had to create a public service announcement to help people realize how much power vampire appliances really use.

In March, the 8th grade STEM academy did the 11th quick quiz. We also did the motor and generator design challenge, which required us to make an simple electric motor and convert it into a simple generator. Part of this assignment was to create a presentation based on the motor/generator. We are now doing experiments based on the different types of waves and their properties.

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