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Patti Studwell, Instructional Coach                        

Teachers working together to continuously improve student learning.


Can you believe it? Spring is here!!

What is going well? 

What would you like to work on or change?

What would help you become an even better teacher?

Only you know. 

Remember:Patti is here to assist you!

What is a coach?

Teachers and coaches are partners in helping children reach their full academic potential. Our goal is to increase student achievement by providing a safe and confidential learning environment in which teachers can openly discuss challenges they face and ideas they have. Instructional Coaches do not evaluate teachers. Instructional coaches facilitate on-going, job-specific professional growth opportunities for teachers focused on student learning. Coaches can provide teachers with support in the areas of curriculum, instruction, assessment and classroom management. 

Your Instructional Coach is Available to:

  • Help plan lessons, units or learning activities 
  • Model or co-teach lessons 
  • Observe student learning        
  • Facilitate peer observation of colleagues          
  • Reflect on student learning          
  • Discuss assessments/data          
  • Help establish and meet SMART goals          
  • Explore curriculum, standards and pacing guides 

I am looking forward to partnering with you!

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Last Updated: Spring 2015

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