What does a Teacher of the Visually Impaired do?


My duties include working with students from age 2 to 21 who have a visual impairment which affects their educational success. 

These impairments can range from low vision to total blindness and everything in between.  As their TVI, I assist them in accessing the curriculum, whether it is through Braille, large print or an alternative media such as audio files. 

I also consult and collaborate with regular and special education teachers to help them when teaching a student with a visual impairment.

Because I am a part of their child's life throughout their entire time in school, I also establish strong relationships with the parents.  I provide them with resources as well as accompany them to appointments, meetings, etc. if requested. 

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My Schedule

My schedule varies throughout the day, week and month. In fact this year I will also be serving the students in Page County Public Schools who have vision impairments.  Therefore feel free to call me (540)820-3211, at any time to ask questions or to find my location.

Or if you prefer, email me at:  mlamb@harrisonburg.k12.va.us


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