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I am a Rockingham County native and grew up in Bridgewater. My career has included teaching in Rockingham, Orange, and Albemarle Counties. I have also been a Realtor and worked for the Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline. I am happy to call HHS home for my fifth year. GO STREAKS!

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It is summer time! Enjoy your time off, I will see you in the fall!


Schedule for Fall Semester 2016:

1st       Economics and Personal Finance  

2nd      Planning  

3rd       Economics and Personal Finance  

4th       Economics and Personal Finance  

Last updated August 29, 2016

The W!SE Test: practice test site

1. Use Explorer (but NOT Chrome) to go to www.moneypower.org

2. Go to the login and password box on the top right of the homepage

3. Enter your User ID: Hsh100 and password: hS2651 and click the "login" button (these are both cap sensitive).

4. Complete all required fields (marked by a red astrerisk)

        Your zipcode

        Your city: Harrisonburg

        Your birth year

5 Choose the student category of test taker and click submit

6. Select the quiz you are interested in taking and click continue

7. Check that you would like to take the test online--then click continue

8. Press the click here to begin test button

9. After selecting the answer to a question, click on the next button

10. On the final question, you will no longer be able to select the next button. You must click on the submit button.

11. You may click on any of the hyper-linked questions to review all questions and answers. (Always do this as you will learn a great deal.)