Class Expectations and Goals

Welcome to 6th grade Social Studies! This year 6th grade students will have one semester of Social Studies for 90 minutes each day. We will begin by studying geography and how it influences events,  Native American groups, early explorers, and the growth of the colonies in North America. We will continue our studies by learning about the American Revolution, the struggle to write a constitution and begin a new kind of government, as well as westward expansion and important inventions. We will end this period of study with the Civil War.

The class will have daily opportunities for reading, writing, and discussing the events and people who shaped our nation. I will ask students to participate in class in a way that allows them to grow as a student of history, as well as a reader, writer, and thinker. Through interactive skits, oral readings, and student produced essays, we will share what we are learning with each other and with a larger audience outside our classroom.

I am looking forward to helping students see how fascinating history is - how we can look at primary documents from the time period we are studying and imagine ourselves alive during this time. I want students to think about the choices people made and wonder which side they would have been on in a given conflict. My hope is that by examining history, students will begin to see the larger world in which they live and wonder about what lies ahead for themselves.

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