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Newcomer A Program 6-8

About the Newcomer Program

What is a Newcomer?

A "Newcomer" is a student who is new to the United States and is a limited English Speaker, Reader and Writer.  Students are enrolled in the Newcomer program on a case by case basis.

What countries and languages have been present in the Newcomer program?

In the past years, we have had so many languages and over 19 countries represented in the 5-8 Newcomer classes.  Right now, my Newcomer A class is comprised of Spanish, Arabic, Kurdish and Tigrinya speakers. We have MANY more language and cultures within the Newcomer Program, though. 

What happens during the day?

The Newcomer program is self-contained, so students are with me for English language instruction through content study (Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies) throughout the day. We intentionally work on developing English skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking, using both social and academic language. Since it is very important for Newcomers to interact with peers, they also participate in electives and have lunch with grade-level students.

How long are students in the Newcomer program?

Typically, students who begin without a background in English are enrolled for two years or less.  Students transition into mainstream classes when it is determined that they have the language skills and academic skills to be successful.