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Newcomer A Program 6-8

Who Are We?!?

We are the 7th and 8th grade Newcomer A Class!  We come from all over the world from countries near and far.  Some countries include Eritrea, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Columbia, Cuba, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and so many more!  We speak, Arabic, Kurdish, Spanish, Ottomi, Turkish, Tigrinya and French (and even more!) but are all learning English together!  We are all excited to be here and happy to learn in our own classroom, but it is also fun to explore the school and meet new friends in our elective classes.  Everday we practice learning English through content concepts in Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading and Writing. We all enjoy learning from each other, and sharing experiences from where each of us come from.  We also love having cultural days where we bring in food, pictures, stories and more from our home countries. It's a lot of fun!

"Our differences are the one thing we all have in common! Let's celebrate them!"