How to ask for help with Technology at WHKES

The pc lab schedule is to the right.  I am in the pc lab when a class is in the lab.  We always have a ten minute tech talk when we teach the students something new about technology.  Then the students use their tech skills to work on independent projects.

When I am not in the pc lab I am helping the staff at W. H. Keister with their technology.  If you need help there are four easy ways to find Mrs. Duda.

First, if you need help right away call the office and they will page Mrs. Duda on the walkie talkie.

Second, and most preferred, use the HCPS Service Request form.  You will find the tab for this on the W. H. Keister web page.

Third, send me an e-mail with a description of your problem and I'll answer the e-mail and resolve the problem ASAP.

Fourth, leave a note on my desk or in my office mail box. 

Link to HCPS Service Request Data Base

Link to HCPS Web Mail

Link to HCPS G-Mail

Link to HCPS G-Mail


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