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Our Mission

In support of the Harrisonburg City Public Schools mission, the HHS Math department uses the following statement to drive our decision making and curriculum planning.

The HHS Mathematics Department, a place where learning has no limits and together we work for the success of all.

Who Are We?

The HHS mathematics department consisits of 17 fulltime teachers with an average of 12.4 years of experience in the field and an average of 7.2 years teaching at HHS.  50% of the department members hold a masters degree.

HHS math department faculty have earned their degrees from such noted universities as The University of Akron, The University of Kentucky, James Madison University, Virginia State College, The University of Virginia, The University of Georgia, Bridgewater College, The University of North Carolina, and Oxford University.

Quotes from the Math Teachers

"The challenge of motivating all children to learn to their full potential."

"extremely knowledgeable about subject area, varied experiences, very student centered group, open to change"
  • What three good things would you tell a stranger about the HHS Math Department?
"Students always feel welcome to come into a math classroom or office."

"Student success is the most important thing"

"Great colleagues - supportive, helpful and a true team!"
  • What do you feel that the HHS Math Department should be doing? What is the HHS Math Department meant to do?

    "Help students discover their own love of math. Work cooperatively to prepare students for college or life application math. Teach problem solving skills that can be used in all walks of life."