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Our day is filled with exploration and learning. I feel that children learn the best when they are activitly involved in their learning. My room is not a quiet place but it is a place were children feel safe to take chances and use hands on methods to discover the secrets about their world.

Our mornings are filled with math, and small group reading and specials.  The children will work in whole groups, small groups, with peers in math and will use many manipulatives to make concepts easier to understand.  The children will also work on Ipads with a program called Reflex Math now that they are in second grade.

All chldren take part in small group reading were they work on phonics skills and read stories on their instructioinal reading level. The children work on spelling by learning the spelling features in words.  

The children will be reading books on their independent reading level and filling out reading logs to let me know about varrious features of the books they are reading.

We spend our afternoons working on language arts skills, science and social studies.  All the children take part in whole group reading where they read stories and work on stregthening their comprehension skills. 

The children have many chances to practice their creative writing. There are times when they respond to books I have read to them in writing. There are other times that the children write about the science and social studies concepts they are learning about. Social studies and science concepts will be taugt in reading as well as during content time. 

I invite you to come and visit we can always use an extra pair of hands!!


I ask that your child read for 20 minutes each evening. Let them pick what they would like to read and this time will become something they will look forward to.  A trip to the Public Library will supply your child with lots of reading material at no cost and it can be a fun trip too!

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