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The HHS Special Education Department is a diverse blend of educators and students working to encourage each other and enhance education through sharing learning strategies, supporting each other's successes, and appreciating every person's unique, individual learning abilities.


Leigh-Ann Rucker,  SPED Teacher & Co-Instructional Team Leader

Collaborative Teaching

Students in Special Education programs are taught in a variety of settings.  At HHS, we offer classes in the core curriculum content areas that are taught by a regular education teacher and a special education teacher together.  These classes are collaborative by design and contain students with and without disabilities.  

The regular education and special education teachers collaborate to present material in a variety of ways and use different teaching methods to give diverse learners opportunities to learn the content according to a student's unique learning styles and needs.  Auditory, visual, and hands-on approaches are taken to presenting information daily.  Students participate in lectures, video presentations,  reinforcement activities, and work individually, with partners, or in small groups according to each lesson's objectives.

Many of the collaborative classes are SOL courses and students enrolled in them take the appropriate SOL tests at the end of the course.  Some team taught classes are electives.  Courses currently offered using team teaching include:

Algebra I


English 9, 10, 11

  US History