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The HHS Special Education Department is a diverse blend of educators and students working to encourage each other and enhance education through sharing learning strategies, supporting each other's successes, and appreciating every person's unique, individual learning abilities.


Leigh-Ann Rucker,  SPED Teacher & Co-Instructional Team Leader

Academic Labs

Class Description:  To assist students to work on academic and personal goals developed in their Individual Education Plans.  Emphasis is placed on self-advocacy skills necessary to transition from high school to college, career, and community living.  We are part of the "I Am Determined" project.

Expectations:  Be on time to class, be prepared with all materials, and maintain a positive attitude.

Daily Agenda:  Students will --

A.  Track all assignments independently or with teacher assistance as necessary.

B.  Prioritize work for class according to which skills/content needs review or re-instruction.

C.  Complete academic lab assignments in the areas of improving reading, writing,  and/or math skills, study skills, self-advocacy skills, and transition skills.

D.  Complete daily journal blogs on a variety of topics. 

The "I Am Determined" Project:  This project focuses on students with disabilities "knowing themselves" as learners.  Students explore the nature of disabilities, the laws that govern their rights and responsibilities as a student with disabilities, learning styles, best supports and strategies for learning, and investigate their own IEPs for present level of performance, goals, accommodations, and services.  Students participate in helping to write and create their own IEPs, including working on Power Point presentations for  and leading their annual IEP meetings. 

2012-2013 Emphasis:  Students in Academic Labs will work in four areas:

1st Quarter: Study Skills, Time Management, Organization, and Internet Skills

2nd Quarter: Career and Work Skills

3rd Quarter: Self-Advocacy and Transition Skills

4th Quarter: Life Skills

In addition to having my own academic labs I also assist in other academic lab blocks as a team and support leader assisting students with classwork and transitional goals.

You may contact me at:

Phone (HHS):  433-2651 (between 7:00AM-3:10 PM)