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Purpose of Academic Lab

The purpose of Academic Lab is to provide students with time for academic support of coursework in their content classes as well as opportunities to improve and strengthen other academic skills through written journals,  daily activities, videos, and guest speakers.

Topics that may be covered this year (but are not limited to) include:

*Self Determination

*Understanding my IEP (students will take an in-depth looks at the various parts of their IEP throughout the school year) and study vocabulary that is pertinent to the content.

*Self Advocacy - speaking up for yourself in a positive manner

*Study Skills to assist with test taking and homework/ project completion

*Learning Styles - discover how you learn best

*Service to Others - participation in school wide service projects

*Appropriate social skills for getting along with peers, teachers, and employers

*SOL prep 

*Transition - Exploration of College and Career Options

*Issues Relevant to Teens (guest speakers may be invited to class)

*Independent Living Skills ( budgeting, renting an apartment, etc)

*Real Life Writing

*Reading for Pleasure and Practice

Other topics may be added or changed depending upon the interests of the students in the class


Expectations- Students will show RESPECT for:





Graded Activities:

Class work 

Academic Lab Assignments 

Daily  Journal 

Planner check/ prioritize assignments with teacher 

1st and 2nd Semester Exams 

Other graded activities may include:

Assignments from the Academic Lab Curriculum Binder, Vocabulary quizzes/ tests, projects, follow up activities from guest speakers, etc.

Have fun learning from each other this year in Academic Lab