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Safe and Effective Searching

Do you ever have a number of sites that you have carefully selected for your students to use in a research project, but they have to search through them one by one? Or your students do a Google search and are bogged down by thousands of sites that are not relevant?

Now, you can create ONE CUSTOM SEARCH ENGINE. With one click your students can search the sites that YOU have selected all at one time! This can provide your students with experience in conducting online searches, while making their search so much more efficient!


A web address for your custom search engine will be set up; you can put this on your PortaPortal, or ask for it to be placed on a school webpage for student access. See this site for examples and information on how to get started:

You will need a Google Account (which is free) to get started. It's quick and easy, and your ITRTs are available to help you get this set up, too!

-Lori Lineweaver, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher