We have been learning so much during our math block, as we learn while in small groups.  Every other day, your child builds his/her math fluency on the web based Reflex math program.  If you have internet at home, your child does know how to sign in all on their own to increase their fact skills.  This is a great review for your child.

Reading and Language Arts

 In Reading, we will continue to focus on strengthening fluency and comprehension.  We use many type of reading strategies to help build our fluency while reading.  

“Learning to read is a never-ending task because 
there are always new goals to reach, new 
horizons to explore, and new interests to 
~ Alberto Manguel

Everyday the students have the opportunity to read through the web based program myON that we have at Spotswood. This program allows students to download and read (or listen to) a wide variety of titles based on their reading and interest levels.  The titles on this website include many different topics. Your child may also use this program while at home on your internet for extra practice.

We require students to read 20 minutes a night at home.  Please ask your child questions about the book, article or story your child is reading. Have your child practice reading aloud to someone in the family!


We are excited to be learning about Electricity in science right now.  We will be doing lots of experiments and hands on learning with this unit.  We are excited about our upcoming istem unity on "Hack My House", where the students will be building a house and incorporating electricity into it.

Virginia Studies

In Virginia History, we loved learning all about the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.  It was fun learning about this important history that took place right here in our own state.  We can't wait to go on our field trip at the end of March to the NEw Market Battlefield.

In a few weeks, we will be learning about the Reconstruction of Virginia and the newer centuries.  We have a lot of important people that we are learning about.  Make sure that you ask your child every day what they are learning in class.  They will be excited to share it with you.


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