Plant Webquest

Task:  This week we begin a unit on plants.  You have begun a KWL on plants. Rather than find out the answers in books, we are going to surf the web for our information.  Your search has been set up for you and you will have a chance to show how much you learn about plants along the way.

What is a plant? 
        A plant is a living thing that is not
     an animal.     



What are the parts of a plant?

               Click here  


What do all plants need?          
                   Click here           

Now, let's create a picture of a plant and show something in the picture that all plants need.  Once you finish your picture, label the parts of the plant and the thing(s) a plant needs.

We read the book, Tops and Bottoms.  We know from this book that animals eat different plant parts.  Can we eat all parts of a plant?

Click here to find out about some plant parts you can eat.    


Click here to see some foods or drinks come from plants. 
Click here for some more.  Were you surprised by any of these?

Now, let's create a picture of some things you like to eat for lunch or dinner.  Then label the things that come from a plant.

You have learned about the parts of a plant,
what a plant needs and foods that come from plants.

Now let's have fun and play this Magic School Bus
game.  You will need to match the animal to its habitat.
Notice the plants in the animal's habitat.

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