Helpful Tips

Make reading an important part of you childs summer!  Trips to the library are free and fun.

Tip #1 Check your student's backpack for take home books to read and a Fold Sheet that your child needs to complete each day.

Tip #2 Keep a bag of books in the car to take into doctor and dentist appointments. Let your child change the books every now and then.

Tip #3 When you and your child are fixing a meal let your child read the labels on the food items and recipes that you are using.

Tip #4 Provide a quiet place for your child to do homework.

Tip #5 If your child has forgotten their backpack make sure to read a book that you have at home with your child.

Tip #5 Talk about the story while reading. Things to say, "Why do you think that happened?" , "What made it happen?", "How do you think this will end?" Or "Tell me what happened in the story."


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