THMS 5th grade Math

If we are determined to learn, no one can stop us!

  We may not all think that we are "math people", but really we can all learn math when we put our brains to it!  The brain can grow with challenge, effort and struggle. 

Khan Academy is a great website that each child has an account with that allows them to review and practice concepts from class.  Reflex Math is also a fun site that gets them to practice basic fact fluency.

Great Websites for Your Kids
Great Math Websites for Teachers and Students

Important Dates

June 1 - PTO Meeting @ 7:00 in the Library
June 2-3 Overnight Fieldtrip for 5th graders
June 4 - 5th Grade Awards Assembly after lunch
June 5 - Early Release
June 22-July 23 - Summer School
July 13-17 - Summer Enrichment
Library Summer Hours are from 9:00-11:00 on these dates:
June 24
July 1
July 8
July 15
July 27
Aug. 5

5th Grade Schedule

We will have 3 core classes: English/LA, Math, Science/Geography

Core 1 - 7:55 - 9:38

Transition to Core 2 - 9:38 - 9:48 *students will get all materials for Core 2 and 3

Electives - 9:51 - 10:34 and 10:38 - 11:23

Lunch - 11:23 - 11:50

Core 2 - 11:54 - 1:20

Recess - 1:20 - 1:35

Core 3 - 1:37 - 3:00

*We will be starting Pride Meetings on Thursdays as part of our Olweus Anti-Bullying Program.  The schedule will be slightly adjusted to allow a 30 minute meeting first thing in the morning and then regular class schedule will follow.  

Where Learning Has No Limits and Together We Work for the Success of All


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