Welcome Parents!

  Thank you for joining me on my website.  

 Reading specialists, like myself, work with kids to give them extra support when they are learning to read.  The assessments that we give kids guide our teaching.  Parents often ask what they can do to help their child do well in school.  The answer is simple.  READ TO THEM!  If you need books, ask your child's teacher, our school librarian, or a reading specialist. 

If you let kids know how important reading is, and how entertaining it can be, they will be more motivated to learn.  Kids who are read to at home, and kids who read at home, do better in school.  At Stone Spring we want to work with parents to make sure all kids  are successful! 


 As with all material found on the Internet, teachers and parents should be very careful in allowing students to explore these sites unless direct supervision is provided. Harrisonburg City Public Schools is not responsible for the content of various links beyond the initial levels of each site.

Last Updated  08/19/2016


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