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8th grade:  Final Exam will be on May 23 from 8-10.  Please bring your textbooks.

Bienvenido a Una Aventura Fantastica 2016-17

Spanish 1 is a high school credit elective course. Students will learn how to communicate in Spanish, continue to conjugate verbs and study the Spanish culture. Full year in order to complete high school credit.

Spanish for Heritage Speakers is a high school credit 8th grade elective course for Spanish speakers. Students will enhance grammar, writing, reading comprehension, oral and learn new vocabulary words to enhance their language. Students will also study the Spanish culture and literature.

Teaching Schedule

Every Thurs. and Fri. I am at WES

11:34-12:18-5th grade Cultures

12:45-1:25-5th grade Cultures

1:30-2:15-8th grade Spanish 1

2:19-3:05-8th grade Heritage 1

Contact Information:

(540) 434-1949


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