About Me

Hi! Hola! My email address is:  jmartintrinka@harrisonburg.k12.va.us

My name is Jenna Martin-Trinka and I am in my tenth year of teaching. For my first seven years as a teacher, I worked at Keister as a teacher of English as a Second Language. This year I am thrilled to be in my third year of teaching first grade in our dual language program as the Spanish instructor.

I began studying Spanish in high school and have continued to enjoy a passion for the language and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.  I have been fortunate enough to study Spanish in Guatemala, Honduras, and Spain.

I graduated from Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish language and ESL education. I completed coursework to add my elementary classroom endorsement to my Virginia licensure in 2014. I also completed a Masters degree in Reading instruction in 2015 through the University of Virginia. 

I love working with my students who are excited to learn in two languages.  I am grateful for the meaningful collaboration among my colleagues on the first grade team, dual language team, and a variety of our amazing specialists.  I consider myself a lifelong learner and continue to learn from the amazing teachers at Keister.

I also enjoy meeting families from all over the world who have found a new home in Harrisonburg.

I was married in June of 2010 and my husband is a PhD student.  I grew up and went to school in Salem, Oregon, and came to Virginia for college. I enjoy taking trips over the summer and winter vacation to visit my parents in Oregon. I also enjoy traveling and have been lucky enough to visit Guatemala, Honduras, Spain, Morocco, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, France, Switzerland, Turkey, and Israel.

Each day I am grateful to come to work at Keister and teach in this learning community!


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