My Schedule:

1st period: 8th grade

2nd period: 7th grade

3rd period: 6th grade

4th period: 6th grade

5th period: 5th grade

6th period: Planning

7th period: 8th grade

8th period: 8th grade


5th grade is finishing family life and will start their PE units again.

6th grade is rotating between health and PE.

7th and 8th grade are finishing their health units about the cardiovascular system and first aid.


7th and 8th grade students will change into appropriate clothes and shoes every day for PE.  They will be expected to fully participate in PE and Health activities.

5th and 6th graders should wear appropriate clothes and shoes to PE every day.  We will go outside if the temperature is 40 degrees or above, so please come prepared for the weather.

Last Updated: March 2017


We want your children to be safe using the internet.  Make sure to monitor their internet usage because Harrisonburg City Schools are not responsible for outside links.

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