Advanced Learning and I-STEM at Keister

Welcome back to school!  I am excited to be at Keister working with advanced learners and helping implement I-STEM units with every student!

In my role as Advanced Learning Specialist, I work collaboratively with classroom teachers in grades one through four.  We develop curriculum to challenge advanced students in the areas of language arts and mathematics.  This differentiated work promotes learning at faster rates, thinking at higher levels, and studying sophisticated and complex content.

I also support teachers in implementing I-STEM units with students in grades K-4.  The lessons integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Integrative STEM education is a national priority and we are excited to be able to provide these advanced learning opportunities to all the students in our school.  Students participate in lessons and activities that are hands-on and highly engaging.  These lessons teach higher-level thinking and problem solving skills while integrating several subject areas. Project-based units that support the Standards of Learning are implemented at each grade level.  

I am excited to work with the staff, students, parents and community.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at


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Last Updated October 2017

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