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Stone Spring Elementary
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Harrisonburg, VA 22801
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Actor's Toolbox

We start each day with the Actor's Toolbox. This means that a student is "signing a contract" to be:

1. In control of their voice

2. In control of their body

3. Cooperating with classmates and teachers

4. Concentrating on the end goal of each assignment or task

5. Using their imagination in all subject aresas

Strong vs. Weak Choices

If you come into our school on any given day, you will more than likely hear us praising students for being "strong" or having discussions about what made a certain action "weak". Here is a brief summary of what each of those look like. 

Strong = The student is showing that they are in control of their body and voice. They are making a good effort to cooperate with classmates and other individuals in the building. They are using their imagination to think through problems or discussions critically. Their concentration allows them to stay focused throughout the day to get as much out of the learning process as they can!