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Stone Spring Elementary
1575 Peach Grove Avenue
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
Phone 540-574-1199
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A homework packet is sent home at the beginning of the week, every week (unless otherwise stated). Students are to complete the following each night:

1. Read for at least 20 minutes

2. Complete one reading activity to go along with that 20 minutes of reading 

3. One math sheet (there are enough sheets for the students to do 1 each night)

It is expected that your child does this homework every night! Please make sure that they are not doing it all on one night of the week. A little bit of practice every night will help them out so much!

Reward Cards

If your child completes their homework packet in full for 4 weeks in a row, he or she will have the opportunity to pick out one reward card. Some examples are eating lunch with me and a friend in my room, moving your desk to sit beside a friend all day, and chewing gum in class for 30 minutes. This is to get the students motivated to do their homework every night to ensure they are getting the practice they need to succeed!