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My class schedule:

8:10 - 8:15 ~ Advisory: Attendance and things to go home from the team

8:15 - 9:40 ~ First Core

9:43 - 10:00 ~  Second Core

10:05 - 10:50 ~ First Elective

10:54 - 11:39 ~Second Elective

11:39 - 12:04 ~ LUNCH

12:08 - 1:23 ~ Second Core

1:25 - 1:48 ~ Recess

1:50 - 3:20 ~ Third Core




Class Rules

Unwrittten rule for all teachers, " When I am speaking, or someone else has the floor, no one else is to be speaking."
"Integrity! Do the right thing all the time, no matter what."
 If a problem persists I will contact parents for further help.
I ask students to bring to class every day:2 sharpened pencils and their planner. They are using a folder in class, which I keep here to organize our history papers. If your child does not have one, aand you can not get one for him/her, ask your child to come and talk to me.
I will sign them out using their planner to go to the bathroom, get water or go to the nurse.They are to keep their planner in good shape and with them, to be used all year.

Class Syllabus

Download Class Syllabus