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My class schedule:

8:10 - 8:15 ~ Advisory: Attendance and things to go home from the team

8:15 - 9:40 ~ First Core

9:43 - 10:00 ~  Second Core

10:05 - 10:50 ~ First Elective

10:54 - 11:39 ~Second Elective

11:39 - 12:04 ~ LUNCH

12:08 - 1:23 ~ Second Core

1:25 - 1:48 ~ Recess

1:50 - 3:20 ~ Third Core




THMS 6th Grade Science and Social Studies

Welcome to Ms. Haney's web page. Here you will find some information that should be interesting and helpful to you.

If you want to get in touch with me, please send me an, or call the school and leave a message (434-1949).

Please be sure your child is getting 9-12 hours of sleep a night. The experts say that is the requirement for this age.

Upcoming Events:
Oct. 1 - Soccer Tryouts
Oct. 2 - Pride Time Starts:  Mon.-Thurs.
Oct. 2 - Blast Starts:  Mon. & Wed.
Oct. 2 - Basketball & Cheerleading Tryouts
Oct. 2-6 - Farm to School Week
Oct. 4 - Soccer Practice Starts
Oct. 5 - PTO Restaurant Night at DQ on N. 42 from 5:00-8:00
Oct. 6 - Bike/Walk to School
Oct 6 - International Day of Design & Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for our Makerspace Lab From 4:00-6:00
Oct. 13 - Early Release @ 12:35
Oct. 18 - SCA
Oct. 19 - 8th Grade Chorus to SKMS
Oct. 20 - Bike/Walk to School
Oct. 25 - 8th Grade Concert Ringers Fall Performance @ 6:30
Oct. 25 - Performance of One Act Play "Perfect" @ 7:00
Oct. 26 - End of 1st 9 Weeks
Oct. 27 - No School - Teacher Work Day
Oct. 27-29 - Cast of "Perfect" to perform at State Competition
Oct. 28- Fall Festival at THMS 1:00-3:00

Units of study!

 Please talk to your child about what is going on in school. The more they discuss what they are learning, the easier it is for them to "own" the materials. Use this page as a starting point if you get the typical response of "Nothiing." when you ask how school went and what they learned today. The more they talk about what they learned and what they are doing, the better they will understand it!!

We are looking at the moon every night, Sunday- Thursday and drawing the phase in our journals. It is a tough concept for some students to understand the look of the moon and the name that goes with it. Please  discuss with your child the moon phases.  Not only will it help them to retain what they know, (or help cement what they are still struggling with) but it gives you one more reason to have a quiet moment with your child. Have fun!

The year has begun! We are starting the year with History. Second semester we will all turn our intentions toward science.

We started with the continents and oceans, rivers, regions and then into archeology and five Native American tribes that lived in America. We will then get into the explores and how they treated the Native Americans. We should end this 9 weekws starting to learn about the difficulties the early settlers had, where they settled and the differences in each of the three main settlement groups; New England, Mid-Atlantic and Southern.



Core 3:

Homework Expectations

Thank you for checking your child's planner, daily, as well as reminding your child to bring his/her planner back to school each day.

It is not easy to become a young adult. The more we can do to help them become more responsible, kind and caring, and use integrity in all they do, the better off they and others will be for it. Good luck as your child journeys on into the teenage years. I hope that we are able to work together with your child on this amazing journey.




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