Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year. Our Health and Physical Education faculty will be working with your child to improve his or her fitness level, sport related skills, cooperative skills and knowledge vital to leading a healthy lifestyle. The keys to a having a successful experience in Health and Physical Education is to come to class prepared, work hard and have a positive attitude. We want all students to develop a physically active lifestyle, to understand the key components of wellness and to applied those concepts to their everyday lives.


1st pd. 7:55-8:40

2nd pd. 9:00-9:45

3rd pd.  9:50-10:32

4th pd. 10:36-11:18

5th pd. 11:34-12:18

6th pd. 12:45-1:25 Lunch/Planning

7th pd.  1:30-2:15

8th pd. 2:19-3:05

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Important dates and events:

Monday, February 20, 2016 “A”  

9:45-11:00    8th grade Broadcasting to Harrisonburg Community New Projects

3:05-5:10      5th & 6th grade Pride Time

3:15-5:00      “Wizard of Oz” rehearsal


Tuesday, February 21, 2016 “B”  

9:00-1:00      5th-8th Bridges to JMU Planetarium

9:45-11:00    8th grade Broadcasting to SPCA

3:05-5:10      5th & 6th grade Pride Time

3:15-5:00      “Wizard of Oz” rehearsal

3:15-5:00      Science Club

3:15-5:00      Yearbook Meeting

3:20-4:30      Child Study Meeting


Wednesday , February 22, 2016 “A”

3:05-5:10      5th & 6th grade Pride Time  

3:05-4:30      Blast/Tutoring after school program

3:15-4:30      S.C.A. meeting                                

3:15-5:00      Yearbook Meeting

3:15-5:00     “Wizard of Oz” rehearsal

3:15-5:00      Talent show dress rehearsal

3:20-5:30      7th grade Young Women’s Leadership Program

3:30-4:30      6th, 7th & 8th grade MathCounts (competition team) Meeting

3:30-5:30      Women of Character

5:30-8:00      Electives Fair for grades 8th-11th at HHS

5:00-9:00      HCPS Destination Imagination Fundraiser at Cici’s

Thursday, February 23, 2016 “B”

10:30-12:30 7th Heritage Spanish & 8th Spanish I to La Morena Restaurant

3:05-5:10      5th & 6th grade Pride Time

3:15-5:00      “Wizard of Oz” rehearsal

3:20-4:30      Team Leader Committee   

7:00 PM        Parent Meeting on NEW Attending Zones for 2017-2018

Friday, February 24, 2016 “A ”

3:15-5:00      “Wizard of Oz” rehearsal

7:00 PM        Talent Show

Saturday, February 25, 2016

9:00-2:00      “Wizard of Oz” set construction


Looking Ahead                                                                                                          

Feb. 27          8th grade Pre-Assessment Concert at 7:00 PM at HHS

Feb. 28          Science Club

Mar. 1          HCPS Destination Imagination Fundraiser at Chili’s

Mar. 2          Team Leader Committees meet

Mar. 3          Bike/Walk to School day

Mar. 3          MS All-District Band Assessment at SKMS

Mar. 3          AVID to JMU for a College Campus Tour

Mar. 6          Correlate Committees meet

Mar. 7          NO Science Club

Mar. 7          HCPS Destination Imagination Fundraiser al El Charro only at East Market St.

Mar. 7          School Board Meeting

Mar. 8          S.C.A. meeting

Mar. 9          Parent-Teacher Conferences 11-7:00 PM

Mar. 10        No School-Staff Collaboration Day & Home Visits



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