Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year. Our Health and Physical Education faculty will be working with your child to improve his or her fitness level, sport related skills, cooperative skills and knowledge vital to leading a healthy lifestyle. The keys to a having a successful experience in Health and Physical Education is to come to class prepared, work hard and have a positive attitude. We want all students to develop a physically active lifestyle, to understand the key components of wellness and to applied those concepts to their everyday lives.


1st pd. 7:55-8:40

2nd pd. 9:00-9:45

3rd pd.  9:50-10:32

4th pd. 10:36-11:18

5th pd. 11:34-12:18

6th pd. 12:45-1:25 Lunch/Planning

7th pd.  1:30-2:15

8th pd. 2:19-3:05

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Harrisonburg, VA 22801

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Important dates and events:

Monday, May 8, 2017 “B”

3:05-5:10      5th & 6th grade Pride Time

3:15-5:00      EPIC-Educational Partnership in the Community/English Club for Newcomers

3:20-4:45      Faculty Meeting

7:00 pm        8th grade Band Spring Concert at SKMS

7:00 pm        PTO Meeting in the Library

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 “A”    

                    7th grade Reading SOL

3:05-5:10      5th & 6th grade Pride Time

7:00 pm        School Board Meeting


Wednesday, May 10, 2017 “B”

                    6th grade Reading SOL

3:05-5:10      5th & 6th grade Pride Time                          

3:15-5:00      7th grade Young Women’s Leadership Program

3:15-4:30      SCA Meeting

3:30-5:00      Women of Character

2:45 PM        National Bike/Walk to School Day


Thursday, May 11, 2017 “A”  

                    8th grade Reading SOL

3:05-5:10      5th & 6th grade Pride Time Ends      

3:20-4:30      Correlate Chairs Committee meeting

Friday, May 12, 2017 “B”

                    SOL Reading Make Ups


Looking Ahead                                                                                                

May 15         Committee meetings

May 15 Physicals for students - contact Tony Lechota at the school

May 16         School Board work session at School Board Office

May 18         7th grade Mighty & Matrix teams play performance Old Macbeth Had a Farm

May 19         7th grade Marvels team play performance Old Macbeth Had a Farm

May 22         Schoolwide Department Meeting

May 24         SCA Meeting

May 24         5th grade Assembly

May 29         No School - Memorial Day

May 30 7th & 8th grade Builders Club Meeting

May 31         7th & 8th grade Spring Choral Concert

May 31         7th grade Introduction to Spanish to La Morena Restaurant

June 1           7th grade Group 1 to McGaheysville Dam Site

June 1           5th grade to Recreation Center

June 2           7th grade Group 2 to McGaheysville Dam Site

June 2           Bike-Walk to School Day

June 2           8th grade to Westover Park

June 3           7th & 8th Choral/Drama to Abingdon, VA

June 5           Field Day 11:30-2:30

June 6           8th grade Geometry Final Exam

June 6           5th grade to Washington, DC

June 6           6th grade to Westover Recreation Center

June 6           8th grade Assembly/Reception 12:30-2:00 pm

June 6           School Board Meeting

June 6           7th & 8th grade Chorus & 8th grade Concert Ringers Spring Concert @ 7:00 pm

June 7           8th grade to Massanutten Water Park

June 7           7th grade to Westover Recreation Center

June 7           Last Day of School


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