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1st: Honors Biology

2nd: A Days: AP Biology / B Days: Planning

3rd: A Days: Planning / B Days: AP Biology

4th: Honors Biology


Updated 8/2017

What is AP Biology?

            Advanced Placement Biology is designed to mimic an introductory biology class usually taken in the first year by biology majors.  Some students are allowed to take upper-level biology courses or classes that require biology as a prerequisite after proving they are qualified to do so by doing well on the AP biology test.

            The topics covered in AP biology are topics that are normally covered in a college biology course provided for majors in biology.  With that in mind, the level of work expected is that of a college student.  The text, laboratory work, and the depth and range of topics will be on par with a college course. 

            AP biology is a high level elective designed for students who desire to major in biological science or have a strong interest in biological topics. 


AP General Syllabus

AP Timeline

Final Project Requirements