Welcome to Second Grade

Welcome to Second Grade! I am so excited to work with you this year. Our class currently has 19 fantastic students. A major focus will be our classrooms positive environment where students will feel comfortable to share feelings, ideas and experiences. Everyone in our class comes from different backgrounds, making it a beautiful environment to learn and flourish. This year is going to be full of fun activities and experience including fieldtrips and guest speakers. I can't wait! 


*It is so important for each child's learning to read with them at least 20 minutes each night. 

*Also please practice the word study lists each night through sorting and spelling the words provided each week. 

*Math homework packets will be sent home at the beginning of the week and are due each Friday.

Thank you for all you do!

Ms. Wise

P.S. Hedghogs are my favorite animal. I can't wait to find out yours!

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact me by email at ewise@harrisonburg.k12.va.us

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