Harrisonburg High School--Ms. Sutliff - EARTH SCIENCE ROCKS!!!


More info:

Ms. Sutliff is a graduate of Old Dominion University and joined the HHS faculty in 2008.  Ms. Sutliff teaches Earth Science, she enjoys nature and outdoor adventure activities, especially whitewater rafting and skiing.

Ms. Sutliff--Science Department

Earth Science/Oceanography Teacher
email: esutliff@harrisonburg.k12.va.us
Room 133


Reread & review your notes and vocabulary for 10 minutes EVERY night.  Also, write, draw, or watch Earth Science videos (your choice) :) 

Appreciate nature

Smile often

Practice kindness

Always do your best :) 

 Some advice: Please explore and protect our beautiful Earth.  Remember we need it and all of the precious resources, it really doesn't need us.  Respect and wisdom is the key.  Your actions and influence DO make a difference.


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