5th Grade Science and United States Geography

Welcome to the 5th grade!  In science, our curriculum follows the Virginia Standards of Learning.  In addition to the following subjects, we will be reviewing 4th grade SOL's each grading period.  These include lessons on force, motion, energy, living systems, earth's resources, and earth patterns.  We design many of our science lessons to include hands-on activities while incorporating reading, writing, and speaking within the context of science. 

1st Nine Weeks:

SOL 5.1  Scientific Investigation

SOL 5.4  Matter

2nd Nine Weeks:

5.5 Cells

5.5 Plants and Animals

3rd Nine Weeks:

5.7 Geology

5.6 Oceans

4th Nine Weeks:

5.2 Sound

5.3 Light

In our United States Geography, we will be studying landforms and population patterns in regions across the U.S.  Initially this includes a basic understanding of the continents of the world and map skills.  We will then work our way through the United States studying one region at a time. 

It is my pleasure to be teaching your children here at Skyline Middle School.  Please feel free to call me (434-6862) or email me at esheahan@harrisonburg.k12.va.us if you have any questions or concerns.

Emily Sheahan


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