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Math - Mrs. Avalos


Algebra 1:  This is a high school credit math class which covers the beginning algebraic concepts needed for successive math courses.

Honors Geometry:  

This course is an honors course designed for students who have excelled in Algebra I and are ready to explore mathematics at an advanced level.  We will build upon your prior knowledge of shapes, perimeter, area and volume.  We will explore the concept of logic and its implications on our modeling of space.  Some of these models approximate our physical world while others are purely theoretical.  In this course we will explore the foundations of this logic and apply it to form mathematical/geometric proofs of Euclidean Geometry.

Math Support:

This is a pass/fail course designed to assist students in improving their math skills and algebra readiness.  We will work on identified weaknesses, number sense and problem solving.   



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Period 1:  Planning   

Period 2:  Algebra              

Period 3: Algebra            

Period 4: Honors Geometry

Period 5:Lunch

Period 6: Algebra

Period 7: Planning 

 Period 8: Math Support 2:21-3:05



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